Owning A Truck And A Trailer Is Amazing, Here Is Why:

Undoubtedly trucks are an American all-time favorite vehicle. The numbers show it! They are the best-selling vehicles in the US. The top trusted brands are Dodge, Chevy and Ford because of their well known quality, durability and reliability in the Truck-size line.

Owning a truck is undeniably an experience that carries joy and freedom. Everybody should own at least one truck throughout their lives and try it themselves! Owning a truck changes your driving experience radically since anything else smaller in size will never feel the same again. Yes, Sedans might be cool looking but the raw power a Truck brings far surpasses what other cars can deliver.

If you are looking to upgrade or enlarge your daily driving you have come to the right place! Maybe you have questions before buying one or until now you have considered the feasibility of owning one of these big boys. Whatever the case may be here I’ll give you some good reasons as to why they are great and little bit about a great accessory, the Trailer.

Raw Power:

I mean come on, this is exactly why you are looking for one of these isn’t it? A Dodge Ram, Ford Raptor F-150, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra Denali – just to name a few – are incredibly powerful vehicles that will take care of driving you comfortably through almost any terrain and haul loads that would literally squash other vehicles. While the visage of power brought you here one must know how much power they actually have and it can vary widely between car manufacturers as they go from 350 to 600 HP (Horse Power). Checking the models mentioned above would be a great start, since getting to know what the top line can offer will give you a better idea on what things you can tradeoff in a potential buy. Check your local dealerships, remember, you get what you pay for.

Towing Power:

Yep, not only the HP will help you get through any terrain and make a beautiful engine sound but if you are in need or are looking to tow something then the Ford Raptor F-150 with a 5.0-Liter TI-VCT V8 can tow with ease a load of 11,600 lbs!. This opens up a broad array of possibilities, from taking camping trips to hauling construction equipment or even setting up your own Towing business.

Whatever you set out to do Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC will have a truck and engine that will help you succeed at what you set out to do.

Big Car means Big Space… for Hauling:

Well of course, besides the cockpit resembling a throne and a spaceship command center you will have access to a whole load of space in the back of your car and even interior. These trucks are a reliable way of getting the job done. Need a moving? Do it with style! No longer cramming your legs around because you lack the space to bring your entire study with you to a new location! No more bumping your head on the roof of your car because it’s too short! Why suffer all these impediments instead of having the desirable and comfortable amount of space you deserve? These trucks will make your road tripping experience first class.

A tall car, look at everything else from above:

Trucks, because of their design made to house a beast of an engine, are usually pretty big and once you are on the driver’s seat you will have plenty of visibility. The height of the cabin will give you an enhanced view over what surrounds you and what lies ahead. You will be able to see cars do sudden stops a couple rows ahead! Truck Cabs are designed to maximize all-around visibility. That is why they feature large glass panels and huge windscreen wipers and rear view mirrors. Not only people will have to look upwards to see you but it also provides the benefit of security by being aware of your surroundings.

Tough looking design is not just for looks:

There are all kinds of dangers in the roads, some are natural hazards and others are man made hazards due to mistakes. If you own one of these trucks you’ll be far safer than poor John on his red Kia Picanto.

Some safety features Trucks have are:

Side Impact Protection, Vehicle Stability Control, Improved Seatbelt Systems, Trailer Sway Control and Cab Safety Cage Design.

All Truck manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving their designs to provide their clients with the most reliable safety systems and features so that you and your passengers will be safe when driving.

A safe driver is a happy driver and he keeps buying more trucks!

A Car that suits your Lifestyle:

Cars are more than just a hunk of metal used for transportation, they are an expression of who we are. If you are a Construction Entrepreneur, Camper, Hunter or Outdoor enthusiast a truck will embody who you are.

Some side road adventure, why not?:

Being able to deal with nature the way you see fit and that your gear can keep up with it and not having to worry about every bump in the road, makes you feel incredibly free and happier. “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” This famous quote by Robert Frost is undoubtedly one that applies well to Trucks and their nature dominating spirit.

The trail of the Trucks has led you to the Trailers!:

A must have with a truck is a trailer and their variety is ample just like the uses for Trucks. There is Cargo Trailers, Haulers and even… CAR TRAILERS!

Here are some tips for when you are looking out to acquire one of these (and you should get one):

The first question you should make yourself is, ‘Why am I getting a trailer?’ Not because the random dude who wrote an article told you, but because of your needs! There are different types of trailers and here are some: Enclosed, Open, Stackers, Gooseneck, Sport Vehicle Transport, Skid Steer, Equipment, Utility, Living Quarters trailers, Flatbeds and Tilt. Think of all the ways you may use your trailer before you acquire one.

When acquiring a Trailer there are also some things to consider, such as if you are purchasing a trailer to haul cars, will you need a ramp for it? Will you be transporting liquids? Will you use the trailer as a work station? How much weight will I tow in total?

The last one believe it or not is the most overlooked of all the questions and it shouldn’t as this is of serious concern. It not only places a strain on your truck but puts others at risk in the road! A helpful tip is to purchase a trailer that exceeds the payload you are going to be towing around. This will prevent unnecessary damage to your trailer and truck. Overloading a trailer will lead to the axles to crack the frame and turn it into a nice looking pile of salvage. Can your truck easily tow your cargo and trailer? Yeah, having an amazing looking truck and then buying a cool looking silver trailer with an incredible cargo capacity is a neat thing, but make sure the engine of your car meets the requirements.

Towing Packages, to ask or not?

Some trucks come with a Towing package from factory. In case that yours does not come with one please do not just tow with your bumper hitch. A sturdy tow package attached to the steel frame is the most ideal. Avoid unnecessary damage to your brand new truck, and trailer.

Ball and Hitches come with different Load Classes:

Class I – Can load up to 2,000 lbs ( This is considered a light load)
Class II – Can load up to 3,500 lbs.
Class III – Can load up to 5,000 lbs.
Class IV – Can load up to 10,000 lbs.

Above 10,000 lbs – Fifth Wheel or Gooseneck Hitch required for these Heavy Duty Loads, these hitches will allow you to carry up to 25,000 lbs. Braking power is also something you should consider when buying a trailer as this is essential to assure your safety in the road. (I’m looking at you deers!). Trailers carrying a heavy load will take longer to stop plus the weight from the cargo and the momentum given by your speed will make things even more difficult. Specially if you are carrying liquids you will need to brake quickly and safely.

Ask your trailer dealership and they could point you to some models that have electric braking systems that auto-detect when you are applying pressure on your brake pedal. This will make easier bringing your whole haul to a stop.

Now you have a basic idea of trucks and trailers! After you have analyzed what kind of lifestyle you have and will have you will be more informed on what to purchase. Having a truck and a trailer is a great experience and provides excitement for the adventure you will live in the road that is set before you.

Happy trucking!